Happy holidays coming up?

Happy holidays coming up?


Holidays bring you enough things to do and think about and some of those things are not that pleasant, like drama and tension. How to make the holidays easier? Read on.

Take a minute to imagine that you have a happy holiday season with mom, your family, your spouse and the kids. That everything falls in place. You get the support you need. See yourself sitting at the dinner table with your loved ones. Everybody you want to have at your table, is present. The food tastes great, and smells delicious. Soft candle light shines at the table. It looks fabulous. There are no hard feelings and everybody is enjoying each other’s company. Everybody is having a great time. This is the great gift of family togetherness. Best of all, all your loved ones see that you play a central role in bringing the family together in this state of caring and joy and they love you for it!

Maybe reality is gruesome different for most of us as relationships can be full of awkward tension. But how would you like to be done with the stress, aggravation, the tiresome drama and endless going back and forth? You know you can’t please everybody. You know it’s hard enough to at the least please yourself. Do you have enough of compromises and stress during the holidays?

If so, there is a way. Decide today that this holiday season is going to be different.

Decide that you will have more control, more peace of mind, more ease and importantly also more fun.

How can you have more control, more peace of mind, ease and more fun?

What is the key to this? The key to happiness is setting up happy relationships.

For this holiday season, take it step by step and start with the major relationship: the one with your mother. Learn these valuable relationship skills and be forever done with relationship stress!

Learn how to:

  • Take charge of your unwanted emotions like sadness, anger, upset;
  • What to say and what not to say to your mother;
  • Turn a bad relationship around into something that works for you;
  • Deal effectively with hurt and make room for positive feelings;
  • Start to feel truly happy;
  • Get the support you need from your loved ones;
  • Be more happy with yourself!


Each of these items go beyond the holiday season, and that is great value for the rest of your life.


Have a great holiday season filled with deep affection and love!


Where is the Love?!


Where is the Love?!

Making ends meet as a single parent raising my daughters, and grandchildren

I raised my daughters by myself for over 20 years. I worked, volunteered, worked 2 jobs to make ends meet. It was a struggle and some hardships along the way, but by the grace of God I was able to persevere.

I helped with raising my grandchildren for the past 10 years and even though at times I wanted to run away, I pressed forward.

Now that my oldest daughter and 2 of my grandchildren move to East Chicago, IN area because of her boyfriend is a truck driver and he needed to be close to his job. That was fine, she needed to move on with her life and her kids.

And my youngest daughter will be getting married this next August and I am happy for her and her finance, but and her comes the BUT, I feel let out with her wedding day and I am not important to her.

That’s how I’m feeling right now, and that I don’t mean a thing to her and to my other daughter as well. I did so much for my family and grandchildren that I thought things would be different between me and my daughters. I guess it’s not and that makes me feel so unloved and used at the same time. You see I have been helping my oldest daughter with finances and that comes right out of my own pocket.

I get so upset at times and that’s why I feel used. My other daughter hasn’t even asked me to help her with her wedding, because she is having a few people at her church help instead. WHERE is the consideration???

I don’t get it and on top of that I don’t get to see my youngest grandson, who is my youngest daughter’s son, when I use to see him every Saturday. He’s 8 years old. I raised him ever since he was born. His father is not thinking about my feelings either.

Is there help for me, I just want to pack my bags and move to another state so I can have a life of my own…..

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I am a bad daughter but I can’t help it

Level 2  March 2008 374

I am a bad daughter but I can’t help it

I’m a bad daughter I always argue with my mom. I lied to her often. I stole her makeup or money. I didn’t did my chores and I think I never even respect her as a mother.

One of my cousins has such a good relationship with her mom. If I met her with her mom she’ll hug her kiss her.

We simply talk about life together. I envy it. I want to have a great bond with my mom.

I know she loves me but my ego is just too big.

I want to apologize n I want to bond with my mom but I can’t.

I just don’t know how to express it..

My mom said that by end of this year she’ll be living by herself and she wants to divorce too. And I’m the reason why.

I want to improve our relationship but it’s too late maybe. I love her but I can’t express it. I need her but I can’t say it. I want to talk /discuss about life with her but I can’t even say anything..

I wish someone can help me with my problems….


At the end of the day, you are the one improving your Mother-Daughter Relationship. Don’t wait for Mom to do it!

If You Have a Bad Relationship with You Mom…


If You Have a Bad Relationship with You Mom…

3 compelling reasons why you MUST learn more about your bad mother-daughter relationship


  1. Because now you learn how to take charge of your unwanted emotions, like sadness, anger, upset
  1. Because you stop wasting time being unhappy and hurt and can start enjoying life better
  1. Because you can stop being a victim in a bad relationship with your mother and feel upset every time she does or says something nasty to you, or ignores you all together.

Start taking charge of your relationship now!


My Mom & I Run our Universe!


My Mom & I Run our Universe!

I am 18 years and my mom and I run a business together.

It’s a B&B with 6 rooms, located one hour north of London.

My mom runs the business

I run my mom.

Together we run our Universe!

Listening, Actually, Really, Listening


Sssst, quiet and listen…..

Originally posted on Common Vitality:

I remember when my daughter was around two being over the moon ecstatic that she was finally talking.  By the time she was three, I was contemplating duck tape,  praying for peace,  I have never been a person that could selectively listen, if someone was talking, I just always listened.  I’ve never learned how to block it out.  It draws my attention and I can’t ignore it.  Good or bad, I will never know.

Over the years I’ve been asked countless times how I have managed to form a close relationship with both my children.  My children are 19 and 16,  not really children anymore but,  both young adults I actually like and admire.

The one thing I have done with both my children from infancy on is let them talk.  Don’t interrupt to lecture or judge, just let them talk. Don’t solve the problem,  don’t correct the English,  don’t offer your experience…

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