If You Have a Bad Relationship with You Mom…


If You Have a Bad Relationship with You Mom…

3 compelling reasons why you MUST learn more about your bad mother-daughter relationship


  1. Because now you learn how to take charge of your unwanted emotions, like sadness, anger, upset
  1. Because you stop wasting time being unhappy and hurt and can start enjoying life better
  1. Because you can stop being a victim in a bad relationship with your mother and feel upset every time she does or says something nasty to you, or ignores you all together.

Start taking charge of your relationship now!


My Mom & I Run our Universe!


My Mom & I Run our Universe!

I am 18 years and my mom and I run a business together.

It’s a B&B with 6 rooms, located one hour north of London.

My mom runs the business

I run my mom.

Together we run our Universe!

Listening, Actually, Really, Listening


Sssst, quiet and listen…..

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I remember when my daughter was around two being over the moon ecstatic that she was finally talking.  By the time she was three, I was contemplating duck tape,  praying for peace,  I have never been a person that could selectively listen, if someone was talking, I just always listened.  I’ve never learned how to block it out.  It draws my attention and I can’t ignore it.  Good or bad, I will never know.

Over the years I’ve been asked countless times how I have managed to form a close relationship with both my children.  My children are 19 and 16,  not really children anymore but,  both young adults I actually like and admire.

The one thing I have done with both my children from infancy on is let them talk.  Don’t interrupt to lecture or judge, just let them talk. Don’t solve the problem,  don’t correct the English,  don’t offer your experience…

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Relationship Tips ;)


Ahh, lovely to hear some simple stuff that works!

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Mother’s Day? I am sad

Mother’s Day? I am sad

I am so sad… My mother-daughter relationship is very low… We hardly get along. There are a few times she let me go out (but this always brings with it fights like ” why are u going out? u have to study! u re not as good as your sister is” and lately is gotten worse… she even said to me that she doesn t love me, well she got angry by a thing and that s” why she said that” * her explanation*, but as a mother you shouldn t be saying that…I felt like someone pulled my heart of my chest..

I am 16 years old, and believe me, I never told my mom if I was having a boyfriend or if I was having a fight with my best friend, nothing!.. They left town for 2 days and i called my boy best friend at my place, to catch up, to laugh like we used to because we haven t seen each other in a long time. But my mom find our that a boy came to my house and now she is never ever letting me home alone. She said that she expects the worst from me and that from now on she would not care about me and stuff like that. My girl best friend has the most wonderful mom i ve ever met, i always tell her everything, she knows when to be strict and when to laugh, when to give an advice.I feel like home in their house… But when it’s time to get home, I feel so sad, because I know that when I got home I will be yelled at and insulted… She doesn t appreciate me at all…

There is a lot to say, but I don t want to bore you…

Improve your Mother-Daughter Relationship!

I Understand Completely by Jenny


I Understand Completely by Jenny

Reading some of the articles in this blog was like reading the exact description of my mum, with the exception that mine is able to appear completely normal to outsiders, making people doubt my stories about my family.
I feel that my mum is almost certainly unstable, as do my siblings and dad. Dad doesn’t even live with us anymore as she has driven him away. Mum doesn’t understand that our family IS NOT normal, a fact that I’ve only realized since I was about 13, and is driven home as all of my friends have the most delightful families.
One of my mum’s favorite tactics is “divide and conquer” – she pits us against each other and dad in order to keep control. Also, she constantly accuses US of what she does wrong.
On top of every situation that you have described, my mum has the most annoying and embarrassing tendency to dress in my clothes!! She wears crop tops and boody shorts that even I wouldn’t dare to wear, and seems to feel this is appropriate despite our protests.
The worst thing, though, is that we have a very large family, so, when I compare my situation to a friend’s in order to show mum how ridiculous mine is, she claims “but you can’t compare us to people like that” or whatever.
Honestly, I feel that the only solutions to our situations is to get out as soon as possible. I’m in 11th grade now, so I’m leaving this hell hole soon, hopefully. Furthermore, this is going to make me a better parent to my children one day, as I will always try to never make them feel about me as I do about my mum. Lastly – we are better, stronger people because of the struggles we go through…
All the best and all my love…
Jenny ♡

Get inspired too on Mother’s Day


Get inspired too on Mother’s Day

My Mom is:

Amazing, Loving, Strong, Happy, (almost) Selfless, Graceful.

Thank you Mom, and happy Mother’s Day!

Hey, every day can be mother’s day…

Get inspired on Mother’s Day: get her an expensive gift, or NOT….


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