In Honor of My Mum

In Honor of My Mum

All that I am today and all I will ever be, I owe to my Mum.

The Creator took me from my Mother’s womb and placed me in the great loving heart of my adoption Mum.

An very Appreciative Daughter

Love …..


“If you discover love, you will know exactly how to live”

Sri AmmaBhagavan

Oneness University, India

In Honor of My Mom!

In Honor of My Mom!

Years ago on my Mom’s birthday, I launched my business, my very first business and since then, I have been pretty successful growing a business, serving customers well and employing other people.

My mom is such a good person with a great heart and a blessing – not only to me, but to her whole family and environment.
With my business success, I realize how important it is to have my Mom support me with monies I could borrow for starting up my business back then, for decent advice, and pots of soup when I was too busy to cook.

Mom kept on believing in me on moments that I wanted to call it quits and she also kicked me forward when things seem to be going too tough.

I also realize that I didn’t do “my” business all by myself and that my Mom and my family is a big part of it too.

This thought brings feelings great appreciation and gratitude and a knowing that nobody is alone and we are all part of a fabric of dear and intimate relationships.

Today I am writing this in her honor.

Thank you Mom, for being in my life and for giving me life!

In gratitude,

Your daughter

Great Moms…

I read it somewhere…

Great Moms…

Great Moms

Have sticky floors,

Messy kitchens,

Piles of laundry,

Dirty ovens

And most of all…

Happy kids!

Valentine’s Day – Expressing Love


Valentine’s Day – Expressing Love

Expressing your love to a dear one, is always good, it feels good.

And if LOVE feels over the top, just expressing that you care, feels just as good.

But do we always have to buy presents when we wish to express care and love?

Well, one could say that talk is cheap, and buying a gift is to put the money where the mouth is.

On the other hand one may find that expressing love and care is about intentions, it is also about feelings. It expresses NOTHING if this is NOT genuinely coming from the heart.

The physical gift is just the gesture to emphasize the feeling of love, coming from the heart, but is not necessary.

What is necessary to convey expressions of love and care?

That it feels right.

That it feels strongly.

That is feels sincerely.

That it is REAL.

Oh and while we are at it, let’s repeat it every day in new ways. Because it feels so good.

Expressing love!

My Mom is My Sweetheart


My Mom is My Sweetheart

Its wintertime and I got one of those nasty colds for some days now. I’m not happy with this as it sets me back in all the stuff I need to do. But in another way I can’t say it’s bad to take some downtime.

So I’m on the couch with hot tea and orange juice not having an appetite for two days now.

I do another miserable attempt trying to catch up on my reading, when I give up and doze off.

Suddenly my thoughts go to when I was sick when I was a kid.

Of course no school and I remembered my Mom taking care of me.

She bought me tea, orange juice, biscuits and bowl of wonderful vanilla custard, the one creamy custard that I love.

She for sure would have been late for her work, but she wanted to make sure I was taken care of and that I was eating something.

Must have been hard to have me as her daughter, I suddenly realize with a smile.

But she was and is a great Mom and I dearly love her!

My Mom is my sweetheart!

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My Story – Because of the Loss of my Mom’s Love for Me


My Story – Because of the Loss of my Mom’s Love for Me

My mom passed away a couple of years ago during the Winter time. I was very sad and went through a lot of grieving for months on end. This was a big loss! Often I woke up tired and was exhausted by late afternoon. Didn’t feel a whole lot of joy or even a neutral state of mind. My tears dried up after a while and I felt I didn’t even have the strength anymore to cry. My friends took me for long walks to talk, but I didn’t have the energy to talk a whole lot. Call it depression by sheer exhaustion.

Then came Spring and I was still not my normal self. Actually, I gave up becoming my normal self all together at that point. Somehow, I started writing in my journal. I wanted to get clear on why I was so sad about my mom’s passing. What is was that I experienced as a loss. My mom and me were usually arguing and battling it out in some sort of conflict, why in the world would I miss this, I was wondering.

By writing a lot of pages in my journal, it dawned on me that I truly felt that I had lost the chance of make up for all the arguments we had, for saying that I was sorry, for the moments we could have enjoyed love between us, instead of negativities. For the loss of my mom’s love for me.

In the process of writing I found comfort and a peace of mind. Things started to make sense to me, somehow. I kept writing and writing and within two years, I published a website specially about mother-daughter relationships. I felt I did my mom proud with this!

In no time other women started sending me their stories. Touching stories, painful stories for of suffering, dramatic stories, and cute and heartwarming stories too. I was truly amazed by what women experience in their mother-daughter relationship and that they were willing to share their stories, some very intimate stories.

Out of wanting to give tips to mothers and daughters who struggle to improve their mother-daughter relationship, the concept of writing an eBook was born. The eBook was published in 2013.

Its stunning what can grow out of this grieving and sense of loss and it is equally stunning how sharing with love heals all this pain coming from this loss.

I am truly grateful for being able to contribute to improving mother-daughter relationships!

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